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This web page collates a variety of Toward the Heart resources by topic. Due to the unpredictable and unregulated drug supply, information can change and many of our resources are currently under review. We recommend checking this page regularly. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if you have questions about any of our resources, please email

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Harm Reduction



Position Statements

  • BCCDC Position Statements
      Blue Lights in Washrooms

      Blue lights are sometimes installed in public washrooms to discourage injecting drug use. The lights are intended to visually obscure superficial veins making it difficult to inject drugs intravenously. This Position Statement from the BC Centre for Disease Control advises against the installation of blue lights in public washrooms.

      Observed Consumption Services

      Observed consumption services (OCS) include Overdose Prevention Services (OPS) and Supervised Consumption Sites (SCS) where people are given a safe space to use their substances under the supervision of someone trained to recognize and respond to an overdose. This enables a rapid response to an overdose, which prevents brain injury and death. This Position Statement from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Ministy of Health recommends that observed consumption services be widely available throughout BC. 

      Retrieval of Used Needles

      We’re aware used needle buy-back programs are being introduced into some communities. This Position Statement from the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Ministry of Health advises against used needle buy-back programs as they may cause unintended harms and consequences. 

      The Importance of Harm Reduction

      This Position Statement from the BC Centre for Disease Control states that harm reduction is essential to preventing and reducing the undue health, social, cultural and economic harms of substance use.