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Facility Overdose Response Box Sites

This area contains information and resources for registered Facility Overdose Response Box Sites.

Sites interested in their eligibliy for the Facility Overdose Response Box (FORB) program can find more information, including the steps to submit an application here


Supply Information & Management

  • What's in your box?

      1. Plastic Toolbox
      2. Instruction Cards (Overdose Recognition and Response)
      3. Vanishpoint® Syringes
      4. Breathing Masks with One-Way Valve
      5. Pill Bottle (for storing naloxone)
      6. Ampoule Breakers (to protect fingers when opening naloxone ampoule)
      7. Non-Latex Gloves
      8. Naloxone (0.4 mg/mL, 1mL ampoules) in original packaging
      9. No longer in box
  • 3 Dose Kits
      3 dose kits
      Best For:
      • Sites that have not experienced an overdose on-site
      • Outreach Staff
      • 3 x Naloxone, 0.4 mg/mL, 1 mL ampoule in capped and labelled amber medication bottle
      • 3 x Vanish Point® 3 mL syringe
      • 1 x pair of non-latex gloves
      • 1 x Individual breathing mask in pouch
  • How to store naloxone
  • How to attach ampoule breakers

      Plastic ampoule breakers are hollow cylinders with 2 different ends - one with "claws" and one without.

      Ampoule breakers

      The end with the "claws" will slide over the "neck" of the ampoule. The neck is the narrower part without the sticker.

      Slide the ampoule breaker "claws" first, over the neck.

      Keep sliding until the claws reach the wider body of the ampoule.

Updates for FORB Sites